Saturday, 4 October 2014

How To Sleep Like A Cat

Are you an insomniac? Does a night or day of rest filled sleep elude you? If yes, then read on, this post is just for you

These are not simply stepping stones to sleep but rather a way of life.

First and foremost turn into a proper cat; by practicing to speak less. Seriously, have you ever noticed how little your master, the cat, speaks in a day? Speak only when spoken to. Speak only when absolutely necessary.

In addition to the above,spend all your extra time in contemplation.
Either by simply closing your eyes, clearing your mind and being in the moment.
Or by practicing staring vacantly at some random spot.
If shadows form around the corner of your eyes and start to move while staring for long moments at said spot, don’t hesitate in chasing or investigating further. But know when to stop. This can be a good form of exercise.

Speaking of exercise, include long solitary walks into the above regime. Take an active interest in the birds and the bees. In fact take more than a passing interest in every creature that is smaller than you.

Take your time with your food. Analyze it. Be aware of what it is that you ingest. Then close your eyes and take your time chewing and swallowing. Be with your food. Really be in the moment. Every moment.

Stretch. You have all the time in the world. Time itself can slow down for you. Stretch before, in between and after each of the above steps.

Once you adopt the above as a regular way of life, you will be so dreadfully bored of your mundane life and clear... empty headed, that any spare moment will find you readily dozing off in said spot.

          That is right. There is no need to live in shame anymore. There are more cats out there who  suffer silently just like you. Not wanting word to spread that they cannot sleep... like a cat.
Don’t believe me?

Why do you think there are so many pictures out there of cats with the computer mouse in their paws? Searching... stealthily.... for a solution to their ailment.

That is right. Spread the word. Google the words Sleep Like A Cat. Save this blog’s link in your bookmarks and lead a happy, healthy life.
Go ahead! Sleep... like a … Cat!

Images: Courtesy Google.